Project Description

If you would like our trainers to conduct a session or course(s) at your place of work /Community Center / Library /other, please select from one of our offerings and fill in this form.

  • Introduction to Heartfuless (1-hour minimum)
  • Learn to Meditate Sessions (1.5 hours * 3 days)
  • Learn to Meditate Courses (1.5 hours/week * 4-6 weeks)
  • ‘Heart Based Emotional Intelligence’ ( 1.5 hours * 6 weeks)
  • 10 Steps to Transformation : ( 1.5 hours * 7 weeks)

Get Certified: Enroll to get certified to be a HFN Champion. Champions go through a 1-day program that will enable you to speak knowledgeably about Heartfulness and provide you with tools to continue the Heartfulness movement in your organization or community. The Champion program is a daylong program at the end of which you will go through an online examination to be awarded your certificate.

(If you have more than five people to be certified at one time, a special session can be arranged for the group at your venue)