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The Heartfulness Meditation Program offers a simple set of relaxation and meditation exercises, which when practiced daily, help restore balance in life, manage stress, better your health, and most of all will lead you to inner calm and peace. Each class covers both the conceptual framework as well as practical meditation and relaxation sessions. As classes progress, we add other techniques to help you go into a deep meditative state, faster. Participants will be meditating in chairs. Those wishing to meditate while sitting on the floor may bring their own floor cushions. The entire program will be conducted by certified Heartfulness trainers, who have been meditating and training for several years.  Class is free, but registration is required.


1st week – Introduction to Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation

2nd week – Introduction to Heartfulness Cleansing

3rd week – Goal and Maintaining the condition

4th week – Incorporating meditation in Daily life and Next Steps

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